Sri Lanka is well known for its scuba diving sites all over the world. Its positioning at the Indian Ocean makes it the ideal location for scuba diving. It is often referred to as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of the magnificent scuba diving tours it hosts annually.Hikkaduwa, Kalpitiya, Pigeon Island, Weligama are some of the sites in Sri Lanka for Scuba Diving.And if you are not an experienced diver, there are many professional diving schools which will have you ready as a padi certified scuba diver in no time.

 Sri Lanka has an abundance of coral reefs around most part of the island. They are rich in biodiversity with over 180 hard coral species recorded. The colourful coral reefs with tropical fish and other marine species, and ship wrecks with spectacular artificial reefs can be explored at several diving and snorkelling locations.


Day 1: Departure

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Day 2

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Day 3: Return

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